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Trane engineers put our heating & cooling products through almost every test imaginable. While you're dropping off your kids to school, they're dropping 88 tons of concrete on a compressor. 

Trane endurance engineers stop at nothing to push our products to the brink. They put our heating and cooling units up against everything. From flame throwers, to ultra high pressure fire hoses. Point is – they’ve devised countless ways to push Trane systems to the limit… even catapults… yes, catapults. 

So when you’re sending your kids to school, they’re sending 10,000 volts through a compressor. Their methods may seem unconventional, but they're the reason IT'S HARD TO STOP A TRANE.

Trane Heating & Cooling Units are Made in the USA in Tyler Texas


The Trane Comfort Specialists: Trane presents the unstoppables. Those captains of comfort who let nothing overcome their profound profession. Those gargantuans of the guarantee. Those comfort kings with a tireless tenacity for total turn around. Just one more reason why IT'S HARD TO STOP A TRANE.