Senior & Veteran Discounts Available on Plumbing, Heatnig & AC Services

Senior Discount

Are you 65 or older? Save 5-10% on your plumbing, heating and cooling services. Just ask your technician! 

Cannot be combined with other discounts or specials. 

Senior & Veteran Discounts Available on Plumbing, Heatnig & AC Services

Veteran Discount

We appreciate your service for our country. If you are veteran and receive 5-10% of your plumbing, heating or cooling repairs. Thank You! 

Cannot be combined with other discounts or specials. 

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Comfort Rewards is a free email-based program where you can earn credit back every time you use our services. You will receive $5 off your first invoice & occasional tips, specials & coupons in your email.

Credit rebate checks are sent out twice a year directly to your email & you can earn up to $150 back! You then have 6 months to use your rebate check toward a service of a greater or equal amount. 

Credit rebate checks cannot be used with any additional discounts such as Senior or Veteran Discount. Not applicable to in-store purchases.

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Do you have roots in your drains?

Your home's sewer pipes are built to handle the nasty stuff, but they are no match for tree roots! Once roots get into the pipe, they can block the flow causing expensive nasty backups or even sewer pipe replacement.

RootX's unique foaming action means roots don't stand a chance. Once you add water to the RootX formula, the special ingredients create root killing foam that leaves coating on the roots and pipe walls which not only kills the roots but also stops their re-growth for a period of time. Unlike other products, RootX reaches the top of the pipe where 90% of the root intrusion occurs. For more information, click here. 

Take advantage of this special offer until  June 30th, 2018

Cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials. 

BIO-CLEAN: the greener drain cleaner

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Save Now! 

$10 Off One Cannister of Bio-Clean Until June 30th, 2018

Bio-Clean's mixture of friendly bacteria and enzymes eat the waste the clogs drains and septic systems. It does not contain any chemicals and is completely NATURAL and SAFE to use even around kids and pets. Because it does not contain chemicals, Bio-Clean will not damage your plumbing system like other harsh drain cleaners. 

Bio-Clean eats the build-up that can cause foul odors in garbage disposals and kitchen, bath and floor drains. 

Bio-Clean is made from living bacteria, which works best with biodegradable cleaners. Use bleach, chlorine, anti-septic or anti-bacterial products sparily. 

We highly recommend Bio-Clean to all of our customers! 

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Bio-Clean contains no chemicals, and is completely kid, pet and earth friendly. Unlike other drain cleaners, it will not harm your drain pipes. It does not produce heat, fumes or boiling like chemicals do. 

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Consumers Energy and other local utility companies issue rebates when you upgrade your heating and cooling system to energy efficient equipment. Only Participating Contractors have completed the training that is necessary to determine the proper equipment for these rebates. 

We will submit the paperwork directly to your utility company and register your equipment on your behalf. We can save you the most money on your equipment replacement. Call today to schedule a free estimate!