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What this country needs, are more people willing to take the time to master heating and air-conditioning, electricity, creating solid foundations, smooth roads and functional plumbing.
— Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe


  • Holiday & Vacation Pay

  • 100% Company Paid Health Insurance

  • Health Savings Account with Monthly Company Contributions

  • 401K Retirement Services

  • Life Insurance


  • Company Cell Phone

  • Company Uniforms with Laundering Services

  • Spiffs & Bonuses

  • Tool Allowance

  • Monthly Breakfasts for Employees


Skilled trades jobs offer an endless amount of opportunity and a career full of lifelong learning. If you like to be challenged & work with your hands as well as your brain, a skilled trades profession is for you!



Are you looking for job security, a great team of co-workers and the potential to grow and advance? Join the Whitcher Plumbing & Heating team! We’ve been serving Lenawee County for over 33 years – we can offer you job security, on-going training at all levels and a professional atmosphere.



Are you looking for direction? Are you interested in getting paid to learn a new trade? Join the exciting fields of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling with Whitcher Plumbing & Heating! Our team of skilled, experienced technicians will give you hands-on training and the opportunity to learn from the best in the business! We will walk you through the steps to advance in our company and become a licensed technician. Must live in Lenawee County or be willing to relocate and pass a drug screening test. 



Successful applicants will have 1 or more years of experience or education. High School Diploma (or GED) and Driver's License are required. HVAC Refrigerant Training is preferred, but not required. Must have flexible working hours and be available for on-call shifts. Must live in Lenawee County or be willing to relocate and pass a drug screening test. 



Successful applicants will 3 or more years of experience. High School Diploma (or GED) and Driver's License are also required. Journeyman License is preferred, but not required. Must have flexible working hours and be available for on-call shifts. Must live in Lenawee County or be willing to relocate and pass a drug screening test. 

If you are a highly motivated individual who would like to gain experience, training and skills that last a lifetime, please fill out the Application Form below and click Apply Now! at the bottom of the page. You may also email resume (with any other pertinent information) to or fax to (517) 264-5538. 



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Whitcher Plumbing & Heating is an equal opportunity empoyer.